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Fleet management system

Your challenge – Major losses .

1 hour of idling

  • A loss of 2 to 4 litres of gas, or approximately $3
  • A loss of $3.75 in premature wear and tear
In other words, about $6.75 in unnecessary loss per hour of idling

Speeding (over100 km/h) =

  • A 10% to 20% increase in fuel consumption

Your opportunity – Turning major losses into substantial savings!

  • By reducing idling
  • By monitoring vehicle speed to avoid increased fuel consumption
  • By blocking unauthorized vehicle use.

Your solution – Geothentic’s Orca vehicle fleet management system!

Optimize workforce performance by using the Orca fleet management system. In concrete terms, Orca helps you manage the following:

Safe engine stoppage:

  • Optional engine stoppage when idling longer than the set time
  • Reduction in gas consumption, wear and tear and environmentally harmful emissions

Excess speed warning system:

  • Automatic audible signal warning drivers whose vehicular speed exceeds your set speed limit

Automated follow-up:

  • E-mail alert to managers in the event of unauthorized vehicle use

Anti-theft system:

  • Recognized by most insurance companies

Instant notification if a vehicle is stolen:

  • Directly linked to your team or the security centre of your choice
  • Location of the vehicle, alert signal sent to managers

Real-time information and interaction:

  • Geographic positioning and activity status of vehicles
  • Remote interactive in-vehicle reading and monitoring
  • Help with navigation


  • Easy reporting owing to data history
  • Electronic logbook
Gestion de flotte véhiculaire Orca

Your benefit.

The Orca fleet management system: a simple, efficient and cost-effective solution.
Know where your vehicles are at all times, even outside normal business hours:

  • Reduce your operating expenses by managing your vehicles’ movements by web page
  • If movement occurs outside the prescribed hours, our system will notify you
  • Optimize customer service through improved workforce distribution. Improve workforce performance by always directing your customers to the most appropriate resource who’ll assist them quickly and effectively.
  • In addition to your operational logbook, this management tool will provide you with a record of the time teams spend in the field

A fleet management system that’s integrated.

To optimize management of your vehicle fleet, our system offers all the necessary components and services, equipment for every vehicle, online management software, hosting and archiving of your operations data. One system, one supplier!

A fleet management system that’s reliable and easy to use.
Services and equipment include the following features:

  • Online management
  • Internet software accessible from everywhere, and anytime
  • Management of events: start, stoppage, speed, auxiliaries, idling, etc.
  • Solid, durable equipment that withstand extreme temperatures, shocks, dust and abrasives
  • Vehicle data acquisition, modem, GPS
Gestion de flotte de véhicules par GPS