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A card for better cost control!

The Pipeline Commercial card helps you set limits on purchases and draw up a list of products that you authorize. What’s more, you’ll be able to limit service-station access to the vehicles you choose. In short, you have complete cost control. To provide access to the network, each card has its own PIN. Moreover, electronic access to information is protected by a password.

In practical terms, this offer includes :

  • Diesel fuel
  • More than 80 fuelling stations located in Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces
  • Billing available by card, employee or vehicle for greater control of spending

We will also be pleased to help you for the followings inquiries:

  • Cancel a lost or stolen card
  • Request an additional card
  • Get the address of an outlet
  • Change a card profile
  • Make an invoice inquiry
  • Report a problem or file a complaint

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