Géolocalisation Lokaliz

Geolocation system - Lokaliz

Using our different geolocation models, keep control over all your equipment types. Whether you have wheelless, wheeled, motorized or not equipment, we can provide you with all the information on location, travel, speed and much more. Using our state-of-the-art web platform, you will be notified in real time of unauthorized movements, whether leaving a predefined area or outside normal hours of use.

Some features :

Real time tracking

Track the location of your items (vehicles, people, phones, equipment, etc.) online and in real time. Choose from the following maps: Google, Satellite, OSM, etc. View additional information about trackers including speed, exact address, gas mileage, trip history, and more.

Suivi en temps réel


Receive instant alerts about your tracked items. Know when the object enters or leaves a geographical area, if it accelerates and its stops. Get SOS alarms if it has been stolen. Receive notifications on your iPhone, Android or Windows, by email, mobile application or SMS (optional).


History and reports

Download and view reports in various formats: XLS, PDF, CSV, TXT. The reports include various information by date and the name of the GPS tracker, including driving times, stops, distance traveled, fuel consumption, etc. Detailed and group reports are also available.


Fuel savings

Easily check tank fuel consumption along the road in real time. Check that driving is not aggressive (fast acceleration, speed and braking) and if it can have a direct impact on fuel consumption. It is a fact that improving driving behavior can significantly reduce your fuel costs (from 5% to 15%). In addition, controlling fuel consumption is an excellent preventative measure against fraud.


Geofencing or Virtual Guarding

The Georeperting function allows you to define geographical boundaries around areas of particular interest to you. Receive automated alerts when the object enters or leaves marked boundaries.


Points of Interest & Tools

The Points of Interest (POI) tool lets you add markers to locations such as gas stations, hotels, restaurants, and more. You can also name the place, add a description and use tools to calculate the distances between locations on the map.



Download one of our mobile GPS tracking apps. Turn your mobile (iPhone, Android, Windows) into a GPS tracker and follow it online in real time. Or choose the mobile client application and access all the features of the software on your smartphone.


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